ERP System Service

What is ERP System?

Enterprise Resource Planning falls among business management software, involving a suite of integrated Web-based computer applications. Today’s Organizations can use in collecting, storing, manipulating, managing, and interpreting data from organization’s multiple business activities, such as inventory management, manufacturing, product planning, service delivery, purchase, sales and marketing, finance, and shipping and payment. ERP gives an integrated perspective on primary business processes, mostly in real-time.

Who will use ERP System?

ERP Systems are designed to track business resources – raw materials, cash, production capacity. Other things tracked by ERPs include payroll and purchase orders. The applications that comprise the system can share data across departments such as purchasing, manufacturing, accounting, and sales that provide the required data. An ERP facilitates the flow of information between various business functions and can help manage connections to external stakeholders. All organizations use ERP in one way or another. ERP is a concept of keeping all organization’s data in a single place. This tool helps organizations to analyze the efficient use of resources both inside and outside of the organization. With that in mind, an ERP can be anything from simple pen-and-pen and Excel file to sophisticated desktop applications, Web applications, and cloud-based applications.

How we can help to setup ERP System?

We have a dedicated team of expert professionals that will tailor-make the ERP system that suits your business needs and requirements. We will not only install, but also setup everything for you as our client. First, we determine your business needs before we design an ERP system to meet those needs. Whether you are moving from one ERP to another, or just want a completely new ERP system built from the ground up, we will assign a team of experts to help you get exactly what you want.

We ensure that our ERP meets certain criteria, including...

  • Scalability - the ability to grow with your business;
  • Flexibility - the ability to meet some or all of your business requirements;
  • User Friendliness - to enable your employees work with it;
  • Latest Technology - to help you stay on top of things; and
  • Cost Effectiveness - to help manage additional services such as implementation, customization, consulting, and training.

Our ERP is also SCALABLE, AGILE and MODEL-BASED to enhance competitiveness.

We will equip you with what you need to deliver services through a fully-fledged ERP.